A little preview of the work i’m doing for Light Grey Art Lab's upcoming show “Great Personality”! 

Great Personality

An exhibition about allure, ambiance and attitude. 
Opens January 24th

This show features the work of 50+ international artists that have come together to create an interactive world where you can experience the enticing nuances of the people, personalities and places that seduce us.

I was selected to create a character you can date in the dating sim that will be released for the show. Each character is based on a meyers-briggs profile, but I don’t know which one I got, just that I was to create an androgynous character who loves the finer things in life. Thus Sascha Romanov was born. 

Lots of amazing people are contributing to bring a whole world to life, one in which you can hopefully explore your fantasies with a wide range of potential lovers. 

Stay tuned for the show opening and game release January 24th!

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