You guys, I am so overwhelmed by your support. I never imagined the response would be so immediate and enthusiastic. My shop is over-run with orders, and thank you so much to everyone who donated! Most of you only donated around 10 dollars, and I got lots of notes apologizing for the small amount, but you have no idea just how much that has made a difference in mine and Bibi’s life. So far we’ve raised almost enough to cover her initial vet exam and her boarding in June. Someone mentioned that I should save money by having someone come by the house to take care of her, so I just wanted to address that—-

I’ll be boarding her at the same vet that is monitoring her health. They have something called a VIP treatment where she’ll get 15 minutes a day of play time outside her cage with someone who knows what they’re doing. She’ll be surrounded by people. I think in the end, that will be far less stressful than being alone in the house for two weeks, with only one of my inexperienced friends to come by for a few minutes every day to check on her. Parrots are flock animals and it’s very stressful for them to be alone. 

Anyways, I thought I owed it to all the people who’ve donated, bought items in my shop, or who have spread the word to post some follow-up photos. Bibi and I had a nice time out on the porch this morning, but then it was time to give her her morning dose (pink is for her blood infection, the green stuff is a liver supportive) and she did NOT like that! I’m new to this so I ended up getting bitten very hard on the finger with her can-opener beak.(not pictured—Bibi squawking furiously while I try to be professional, my bloody finger tip) Fortunately it was over fast, and we ended on a high note with delicious veggies. 

Thank you all SO much. I hope more people will continue to donate and buy prints, and please continue to get the word out. Soon I will open up $30 and under commissions for original work, so stay tuned for that :)

~Celine (and Bibi)

Original post here. 

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