I have a piece in Light Grey Art Lab's Nov. 16 show “Girls: Fact or Fiction”. My piece celebrates the work of Murasaki Shikibu, 11th century inventor of the novel and author of "The Tale of Genji", Japan’s most beloved work of classic literature. Amusing, is it not, that in the West women were long told they lacked the emotional and intellectual sophistication needed to write novels, and had to publish under a pseudonym in order to have their work read? Even now, “chick lit” is considered a derogatory term. If anyone ever tells you women can’t be great authors, punch them in the face with a copy of “The Tale of Genji”!

Reference images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

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  3. dodoots said: Hey! I’m in this show too, and since I live in the cities I’ll be at the opening - can’t wait to see your piece, I’ll take a photo of it for you :D
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